Mirage, 2018

(segment of 2:20)

Inspired by natural disasters of drought and flooding, Mirage is a stark, icy landscape transformed by mysterious shadows that cycle through it.


CHOKE, 2018

(segment of 1:44)

CHOKE examines the lack of oxygen in aquatic ecosystems as algae blooms emerge during spring thaw.

Shallow Deep, 2016 

(segment of 00:53)

Shallow Deep is a visceral exploration of emotive landscapes, in which I alter my breathing to correspond with the fluctuating surface water on a stone beach.

Watch on VUCAVU https://vucavu.com/en/video-pool-media-arts-centre/2016/shallow-deep

Tide Land, 2015 

(segment of 4:18)

Tide Land examines the ever-shifting pulse of an Atlantic shoreline through the interplay between wind, water, sand and light.

Forest Floor, 2014 

(segment of 1:25)

In Forest Floor, I cut a photographic print into shreds while contemplating a decomposing forest floor.

Watch on VUCAVU https://vucavu.com/en/video-pool-media-arts-centre/2014/forest-floor

Disturbance, 2014

(segment of 3:21)

Disturbance is a multi-sensory video that places the viewer inside of an abandoned grain shed on a windy day. Relentless wind gusts force a door to swing open and shut with a blinding flash of light. Viewer experience is intensified when this video is projected in a secluded three-dimensional space.

Watch on VUCAVU https://vucavu.com/en/video-pool-media-arts-centre/2014/disturbance

SHED Root, 2013

(segment of 1:03)

SHED Root examines the process of decline and regeneration on the edge of a city as photographic prints of a nearby forest floor consume an abandoned grain shed.

Layers, 2012

(segment of 1:04)

In Layers, I overlap video and sound recordings of threatened barn swallows that occupy an abandoned farm shed facing demolition due to suburban development.

Watch on VUCAVU https://vucavu.com/en/video-pool-media-arts-centre/2012/layers

HIVE, 2013

(segment of 3:13)

HIVE is a playful computer animation that blurs the boundaries between insect and human habitats as honeycomb structures turn into a city of tall buildings at night.

Watch on VUCAVU https://vucavu.com/en/video-pool-media-arts-centre/2013/hive